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 My design at the RHS Hampton Court Garden Palace Festival in July 21 was called FlowerFest Floral Roots.  My inspiration came from the beauty found in the Banyan Tree, native to SE Asia. In particular, the huge and majestic roots formed from the fig seed. Pollinated by the fig wasp (found only in a Banyan trees) its flowing roots produces both a natural artform and is another fantastic structure provided by the wonderful natural world.  It is one of the epiphytes family, growing on the surface of the tree, and playing a fundamental part in the ecosystem.  (Unlike a parasite, such as mistletoe, epiphytes do not feed off the host tree).  You may have already seen the Banyan tree logo as used for Hinduism.

FlowerFest 'Floral Roots' is an interpretation which ofcourse, changed route, as it progressed.  I selected Phalaenopsis orchids because of their ability to survive on trees in their natural environment, often with their roots exposed to the air. 

The trunk  of Floral Roots is made from a natural fibre, taken from the Mulberry tree bark, and here it is strengthened to deal with the changing UK weather. 

Thankyou to Helliwell Flowers and to our nominated charity Cherry Tree Nursery for their support, and to my friend Aaron, for helping on the day.  (Due to the Covid pandemic we were only allowed one helper, so it was fantastic to have Aaron's humour and art input & photography, thankyou Aaron! )

Please do let us know what you think and if this is something you too would like to be involved with locally. Why not sponsor and participate in FlowerFest23, you will be very welcome, thanks  Glenda   

RHS Hampton Court Installation

RHS-2020-Exhibitor-CMYK-Leaf Green
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