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FF18, what a success!

After all the hard work of bringing FlowerFest18 together, I am delighted with the success in this first year, the general public were full of favorable comments, with several people saying 'please do this again' 'what a fab event encompassing all areas of the community', we did it together!

The dedication of volunteers and helpers was second to none, thank you to al, each one of you contributed to this new event.

The creativity among exhibitors was great and I think this inaugural year has set a certain style of what can be achieved with imagination.

The Winner of Best Installation Display for FlowerFest18 went to Jimmy's Iced Coffee who have really help set the benchmark of what can be achieved with imagination. Thank you to an amazing positive team who were a delight to work with.

The Winner of the Best Window Display for FlowerFest18 went to Roberta Boutique for a stylish design that was complimented by the floral dresses. Roberta too showed imagination and flair with her team of staff delighted to be involved.

Thank you to you both and I hope you will be with us in FF19 to create and endeavour to keep your Winner status!

FlowerFest18 enabled everyone to see companies in a new light and this came across with the humour in some of the displays. It was a truly great way to advertise your company and help build team spirit among staff.

I am always happy to learn through experience and the reality was that some flowers struggled to last for five days so Flowerfest19 will be three full bloomin' happy days.

Please note the date is set at 14th -16th June 2019

It is never too early to start planning your ideas and I am happily making appointments to visit companies from August onward.


In this first year, I am pleased to say we did not make a loss and were able to donate £1,668 to Dorset Mind, not a huge amount, but one that will enable the Grange School to benefit from work with Dorset Mind this year. The coverage at FlowerFest18 really showed how this event helped open discussion's on mental health.

I am delighted to say FlowerFest19 is already underway.

After a local appeal to find a charity who would like to be involved with FF19 we are delighted to announce we will be supporting and promoting Macmillan Caring Locally Brick by Brick Appeal to enable a new unit at Christchurch Hospital. FF19 will look to raise promotion and funds of the garden project element, Plant by Plant, of course!

With FlowerFest events showing the benefit of working with flora, nature and gardening,

growing funds for this project has to be a worthwhile cause.

So please feel free to register your interest in supporting FlowerFest19, by emailing me or by telephone .

Thank you all again for support and being fabulous sponsors.

I hope you enjoyed it a much as the FlowerFest18 team and I look forward to speaking with you very soon!

Best wishes


07799 641999

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