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Its true... TLC~ Together we Link the Community

Good morning

Well my Blog has taken a backseat hasn't it? Sorry everyone, but believe me FlowerFest18 has not left my mind, ask my offspring!

The past few weeks have been full on getting the i's dotted and the t's crossed for the logistics to move into place. I did not envisage how long my days would be and how sleep evades when I do get to bed!. The thrill of FF18 and the challenge has been a roller coaster, and here we are with just one week to go.

I thank all the FF18 team for their hard work behind the scenes, even before the start of FF18, I simply could not do it all without you. The increase in social media, watering the Christchurch castle turf, creating floral designs and listening to me!! I hope you have all enjoyed the FF18 experience to date, and next week sees a new event birth into a floral reality.

Let's also remember what FlowerFest18 is about, to raise awareness of the current poor provision for those recovering from, and needing support from all types of mental health illness and to help raise funds for Dorset Mind youth sector services

The community floral design under the Mayors Parlour in Saxon Square is to show you support our cause and to help enable Dorset Mind instigate change to the way mental health is addressed, to promote the ethos of recovery, and to provide safe support services to specific communities to assist them in their own recovery. By increasing education on mental health and to challenge the stigma and inequality of mental health illness. The art installation of the Phoenix will also remind us that it is possible to recover.

Buying a flower at the Mayor's Parlour in Saxon Square from 13-17th June will show the community support toward FF18 and Dorset Mind. To show Christchurch cares and wants a positive floral event. I have always imagined our own 'FF18 Christchurch version' of the spilling out of the 'Tower of London Poppies', can we, and will we, grow it with our community floral design? I know the local community are rich in generosity of spirit and empathy, so if I need to order more flowers as the week progresses that will only be a wonderful thing!

Please pick up our FF18 Trail Map from the Regent Centre, Soho, Red House Museum, the library and other Christchurch area locations.

We all look forward to seeing you,....... next week!


The beautiful grounds of the Red House Museum supporting FlowerFest18

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