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Time waits for no-one!

Why is it every time I log into the days and hour countdown grabs my attention and has the ability to excite, motivate and if I am honest slightly alarm me!

What started as a vision for Christchurch, is now well on its way to a reality, it is such an exciting time and I am delighted of progress this week.

AFC Bournemouth Cherries Community Fund have donated funds for the Cherry Tree Nursery to have a trade stand at the Red House Museum o the 16th and 17th June. So not only will we all have flowers to admire we will have fantastic perennials to purchase. The Cherry Tree Nursery do tremendous work in aiding those recovering and suffering with all types of mental health illness. Working in horticulture is so advantageous, it is clear that plants and nature is a natural therapy to aid our minds and well-being.

This weekend I spent down in Devon and Cornwall getting back to my roots (and my Dad!), after some very hectic weeks it was great to switch off for a while and rekindle with the outdoors. The trees now bursting into life and the fresh lime greens of erupting buds, the hillsides of wild primroses and the many tones of moss, natures own carpet, all give a tranquil feeling of the beauty in nature and the peace it can provide.

So I return this morning refreshed and ready for more FF18 action.

Some of the other news this past week, I am delighted Glossbrook Construction are sponsoring the Christchurch Castle, more news on that as things progress.

Keith Motors have sponsored Convent Walk Wall, many thanks to them! .

Work is now underway on the creating side, so please if your staff or team are involved in preps for FlowerFest18 please take some photos and send across, it would be great to share them here.

A happy and productive week to you all, and don't forget, take a little time out to notice the erupting Spring, for time waits for no-one! Glenda

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